Here at Eastern Air, Incorporated we understand how important it is to breathe quality indoor air. That is why our professional Air Duct Cleaning Service has been trusted by Central Pennsylvania home and business owners for 25 years. We take the time to ensure that your ducts and the air that you breath is free of dust, dirt, bacteria and pollutants. Our Vac Truck system combined with Air Whip Clean Sweep System ensures that we provide the best cleaning possible all while keeping your home or business mess-free. With these systems we are capable of cleaning to the high standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Leave worrying about the quality of your air to the professionals and choose Eastern Air, Incorporated where we care for your air.

Our Services Include

Residential Duct Cleaning  // Residential Dryer Exhaust Cleaning  // Other Household Exhaust Cleaning... 

Commercial Duct Cleaning // Commercial Laundry Cleaning // Other Commercial Cleaning Services...

EASTERN AIR, INC we care for your air

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