Duct Cleaning 

A full HVAC system cleaning. The system is put under high powered vacuum. Our equipment can move as much as 16,000 cubic feet per minute of air. The Air Whip Clean Sweep system is run systematically around to each register in the system where our various high pressure air powered cleaning tools attached to flexible rods are fed down each side run, one at a time, all the way to the main trunk. This is to ensure that maximum removal of debris and contaminates is achieved. Once all side runs are cleaned the Air Whip System will then be used to clean the main trunks with heavier gauge rods and other tools in a similar fashion. Finally once the cleaning process is completed the Air Handling Unit will be cleaned out and new filters will be installed if available. All access holes cut into the system will be patched with proper industry approved materials. 

  • Full System Sanitization is available at an additional cost​

  • HVAC system filters available for purchase.

Commercial Services

With no system too large we offer a complete commercial dryer exhaust cleaning. The duct is put under high powered vacuum pressure. Then our Air Whip Clean Sweep systems high pressure air powered cleaning tools are used to remove lint and other possible debris from all trunks and side ducts. Lint traps are cleaned via shop vac.


Commercial Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning
Linen and Trash Chute Cleaning

Linen and Trash Chutes are cleaned with vacuum suction and Air Whip Clean Sweep System. Degreaser and rag cleaning are performed when necessary. 

Grill Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

Grill Hoods are cleaned with degreaser and rag and scraper methods while grill exhausts and fans are scraped and pressure washed. Grill Filters are also preassure washed

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